Top 15 forms of cancer 9/11 WTC survivors and workers have contracted.

9/11, Cancer & Your Legal Rights As a Victim

pexels-photoThe repercussions of 9/11 are still being felt. We may have lost thousands of lives that day, but the many thousands who put others before themselves are still feeling the impact. They and scores of people who were in the area during and after the World Trade Center bombings have developed some form of cancer.

There are presently over 5,000 recorded incidents of cancer patients who either lived in the area or visited the area and survived the attack. There are also any number of members of the NYPD and the NYFD, as well as Ground Zeros first responders, workers and volunteers suffering the same fate.

These are the top 15 forms of cancer 9/11 survivors and workers have contracted.

Bladder cancer
Breast carcinoma in situ
Colon cancer
Female breast cancer
Kidney cancer
Lung cancer
Melanoma of the skin
Non-melanoma skin cancer
Oropharynx cancer
Prostate cancer
Rectal cancer
Thyroid cancer

Despite the heroic intentions of everyone at Ground Zero, it was a toxic wasteland. There wasn’t enough time to establish appropriate safety measures, but this didn’t stop anyone from doing what they could. Of course, now these heroes are living with the fear, frustration and anxiety of a disease that’s traumatically upset their lives. They require extensive, long term medical attention. This means expensive procedures and out-of-pocket costs. It could mean loss of wages when the condition is overpowering and keeps the victim from working.

You should know if you developed cancer that’s been associated with the events that took place in New York on 9/11, you and your family may be entitled to compensation, much needed funds that will cover all your expenses, lost income and other financial considerations. But the only way to know this for sure is to have a consultation with a lawyer who has a background in these matters.

Speaking with a lawyer that’s been overseeing and protecting the rights of 9/11 survivors will be able to review the details of your matter and be able to answer the hard questions. They can help you receive the compensation you and your family legally deserve for medical treatment and more.

If you or someone you love was exposed to the hazardous environment of 9/11 and was eventually diagnosed with cancer, you need to speak with an attorney, one that’s devoted a significant amount of time to representing survivors and first responders.


Zadroga Act Extends Compensation to WTC 9/11 Victims

The extension of a federal funding measure offers the promise of continued help for the survivors of the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. This measure is specifically designed to provide medical and financial assistance to those most affected by the 9/11 tragedy.
The U.S. Congress voted last December to extend the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which was originally enacted in 2010. The action had the effect of guaranteeing services to surviving emergency responders until the last decade of the century and at the same time extended for another five years the September 11th Victim Compensation Act. This will help police and fire personnel and others who responded to the attack and who as a result were exposed to harmful toxins at the site of the World Trade Center.

Valued at $3.5 billion, the health portion of the measure includes the setting of spending caps for the first 10 years and requires the use of an administrator to provide oversight in its application. The measure made some other technical changes in the original law and requires a review by the U.S. General Accountability Office every five years. Congress also added $4.6 billion to the Victim Compensation Act and wrote into the law a number of revisions to the original measure, among them caps in certain awards and the abolition of minimum payments. 9/11 WTC victims can now collect millions of dollars by filing a claim from the 9/11 WTC Victims Compensation fund.
The extension of the measure came as a result of extensive lobbying by the responders themselves, who on many occasions traveled to the nation’s capital while ill and, in some cases, while confined to wheelchairs. It also came about through the work of a number of legislators, many of them from New York and New Jersey. However, lawmakers from as far away as Arkansas and Alaska were also involved in the lobbying efforts.
In a statement released by Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act, the reauthorization of the measure was classified as “must pass” legislation. Those who will benefit from it were compared by the group to the service members involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor nearly 60 years before the act of terrorism that claimed even more lives. James Zadroga was a New York City policemen who in 2006 died from a respiratory ailment that directly stemmed from the attack

Is It Possible to Receive More Compensation For Cancer That Has Developed After Filing an Initial Claim or Receiving an Award?

pexels-photo-lar8geFiling an amended claim is an option is you’ve developed a cancer related to 9/11 after you have registered with the VCF and filed your initial claim due to new provisions that were authorized by the Zadroga Act. This applies even if you’ve already received any type of award. Your amended claim will include information about the new cancer diagnosis. There is a high chance that the amended claim you submit will result in you receiving an additional award for non-economic losses, most notably pain and suffering. Receiving an increased award for economic losses in relation to the cancer diagnosis is also a possibility.

If any 9/11-related injury or health condition that you’re suffering from has worsened in a significant way and results in economic losses for which you weren’t given compensation for in a previous award, you could also amend your claim.

A Lawyer Specializing in 9/11 Cancer Cases May Enhance Your Claim

Many people will find that amending their 9/11 claim is a complex process. For this reason, it is always a good idea to seek the help of an attorney. There are several lawyers who have been representing clients who developed cancer related to 9/11. They have an in-depth knowledge of how the claim amendment process works and can give you the assistance and quality advice you deserve.

Your attorney will review the specifics of your case to determine whether amending your original claim is the best move. If you proceed with a claim amendment, they will review all of the needed documentation to ensure that it is complete and that the required forms have been filled out and submitted correctly. This can help you avoid potential delays and other problems with your claim. A good claim with the 9/11 victims compensation fund may get you millions of dollars, depending on the severity of your injuries.

Find a lawyer that has a vast amount of experience representing 9/11 survivors and first responders. They have helped many of them get compensation through the Victim Compensation Fund for cancers related to 9/11.